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I am trying to utilize the Query Parameter to hide chat from an email form. The form is on every page of the site and appears at the end of every url as /#contact


The reason I am trying to do this is that the chat icon is showing twice on the page when there is the contact form, so on the page itself and then again duplicated on the contact form. 


So, if I choose Query Parameter, I don't know what to put in the 'name' field. For the 'contains' I am putting #contact


If anyone can help with suggestions I would appreciate it. 


If I have not been clear, please let me know.  I have attached a screen shot.


Thank you!!!!


see the two instances of the chat heresee the two instances of the chat here

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Hello @allrelative ,


You are able to use the exclusion rule for pages where you don't want the chat to appear.

More information here.


I hope this helps.



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I have the section to make the change, however nothing happens to the issue. And so I am wondering what exactly should go in the 'Name' field -- for the 'contains' field I am putting #contact - which is what appears on all of the pages that show the contact form. 


I don't know how to make the Query Parameter work in this instance. 


Thank you!!