Form Submission fields can't be associated with a Ticket?

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If a web-form contains simple fields, you can create a Workflow to add the properties to a new Ticket - but if the form contains uploaded files, then the Workflow option doesn't work.


If you create a new Ticket for a Contact, you can go through the Contact's timeline and "Associate" every meeting, call, emails, notes, and tasks - but not form submissions.


Does anyone have any idea how to get the form-submission data to appear on a Ticket without copy & paste?

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Hi @PeterC,


While there is no direct way to copy the information, you can use workflows to copy contact information to company information, and you can copy company properties to ticket properties through a workflow.


Additionally, there is the option to use the Support form, which generates tickets directly from the form submission.


Thank you,

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Thanks @jennysowyrda 


I'd love to use the support form, but there's only one type of form and we have more than one type of support case.


If there were support for multiple ticket-types and corresponding support-forms, then this would be the perfect solution Smiley Very Happy

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Smiley Frustrated You are not alone there @PeterC  We have five form types; which we can't correctly convert to tickets. 


The forms in Hubspot are only useful for registration purposes, not for question based forms..... contact us, product enquiries, support, help desk etc. 


Both the workflow, and api workarounds are inadequate and long winded.