Filter incoming email into pipelines based on the alias it is sent to



We are working on developing a way to track communication from some of our partners using the Service Hub.  Currently all communication for our group is sent to a single email address that is then gathered by HubSpot for ticket creation. This inbox handles orders, support requests and general inquiries from several of our partners.


We would like to be able to create email aliases of this account that our partners can send to based on the type of communication it is.  Then have HubSpot place those email into a specific status based on the email alias it was sent to.  


For example, currently everything comes to  We would like to have an alieas of and  When the ticket is created in HubSpot we'd like to see the message sent to partner1_support in a Partner1 Support status, the patrner1_order message in a Partner1 Order status. 


I've searched the knowledge base and community and can find similar things but no exact fit, mostly regarding sending from aliases.  Any guiadance is appreciated. 

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Hey @AC-Paul, you have a few options here I think:


  1. You could use a "Conversations" workflow to route these.
  2. Create separate Conversation Inboxes that do the routing for you.
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