Every Email Pitch I send removes my video deck if its over 10mb

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I can't attach a file over 10mb , this is a BIG problem becuase every pitch I send needs the video ex deck to show my clients and it lands at 30-60mb. Please help me fix this asap or ill have to go with another crmSmiley Sad

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Hi @Cera 


Almost every email provider will remove massive (over 10MB) attachments from emails.


Imagine if they tried to open your email on their phone!


You need to link to large files stored in HubSpot, Google Drive, etc.


Or - even better - you could set your Video up on a Landing Page and add a video player image into your email that links to your Landing Page. This would also give you the advantage of being able to see who clicked the image to watch the presentation.


Do you have HubSpot Pro? The new Vidyard integration lets you see how much of the video they watched.


Have fun