Error when editing form (Changes won't save)

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I've been trying to edit the various aspects of our main form. I have tried to change the delay time frame of our automated emails triggered after a form submission and also I have tried to remove an email address of someone being notified by a form submission. In all cases I get an error saying "try again later"

I've tried over 3 days on 2 computers and cleared cache and cookies.


Even more than that I cannot clone the form without getting an error either.


Lastly I AM able to edit our other forms but this is the form I need and don't want to start over and lose data. 


HELP! ...please. I've looked everywhere for info on this and chat hasn't been helpful. 

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Hi @TRybacki89,


Are you still experiencing this issue? Are other users in your portal also experiencing this issue? 

If so, can you please collect a video and har file of this behavior and direct message it to me? 


Thank you,

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