Emails sent from Team Email address going to spam

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We set up a Team Email account in Conversations > Inbox > Inbox Settings > Email channel. It's a forwarder from that goes to the hubspot provided address. I noticed that when sending an email from the ticket (where the from name is automatically, those emails are reaching spam on outlook365 and gmail users. Is there some SPF record we would need to add for hubspot or something? The email address does show it's verified on the Inbox Settings page.

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Hi @jk2938 


Yes, SPF and DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) will help improve your email deliverability.


Here are the instructions for setting up SPF in HubSpot:


Here are the instructions for setting up DKIM in HubSpot:



WARNING: for some infuritating reason SPF and DKIM is not available in all packages. To translate that into English: email deliverability is not a priority of HubSpot if you only have a Free or Starter Package (they just added Marketing Starter). Email deliverability is important for everyone.


If you're using Gmail you can check your email settings here:


Another more generic tool that I find useful is:


Have fun