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I'm trying to work out if it is possible to send an email from a ticket and it be associated with an exisiting converstaion in the conversations inbox?  At the moment if I send an email from tickets it starts a new conversation in the conversations inbox but I want to continue from an existing conversation so that there is only one conversation flow about a ticket in the conversations inbox.  Does anyone know if this is possible?


I've also tried to see if it would be possible to merge 2 conversations which would also help with this however I can't see that you can do this either?


Thanks for any help on this

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I did laugh when you described that - madness! The co-existence of in-ticket emails and inbox conversations seems very strange, and I haven't figured out yet how this is intended to be used.


I actually contacted Hubspot support about this type of thing yesterday as we hadn't been utilizing the conversation inbox and just tickets.


We are looking to move to the conversation inbox setup as it's much easier for our support team to use; however, the fact that ticket emails do not appear in the conversation inbox is completely frustrating and seems like a basic function of the system...


Anyways when I contacted support, they said that this current function is not possible (I'm guessing they meant available - not 100%).


As for trying to combine conversations, I haven't seen anything to support this functionality either.


Sorry I couldn't be of more help; however, I have upvoted this thread to support your initiative.


I am also trying to figure out a way to merge conversations together. We are constantly having contacts submit multiple emails/forms for the same query so it'd be great to be able to merge into one conversation to keep it together and to prevent other team members double handling the query. 


This is possible but the Conversation first needs to be associated with the Ticket. Then, from the Ticket, you can reply to the Conversation/email. It will attach the reply to the thread and will be reflected that way if you view the Conversation via the Inbox. Associating the Conversation to the Ticket first is key here.