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E-mail to create ticket

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We're coming from ZohoDesk and have the functionality where we can send an e-mail to a particular e-mail address and it will automatically generate a ticket.   It seems with HubSpot that we can only send an e-mail to a certain character code @hubspot.com and then it puts it into a Sales conversation, but not generating a ticket.  Has anyone figured out how to do this?

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Hi @CLDevs,


You can create tickets from the conversations inbox by following these steps: 


When connecting your team inbox, you can create a rule to automatically create a new ticket each time an incoming email is received. You can also create a new ticket directly from a contact record in the right sidebar of your conversations inbox. 


This will associate with incoming emails. 


For an overview of all of the ways you can create tickets, I wanted to share this resource.


Thank you,

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Sugar also offers this concept of creating a ticket from an email.  It is a signifgant issue in evaluating software that meets our needs.