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Do not authorize message sending outside business hours

We have a bot built and we would like to keep it active at all the time, the problem is: that it allows customers to send messages outside business hours. It would be great not to have that possibility.

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Do not authorize message sending outside business hours

Hello @samara1


Currently, one of the bot's goals is to be able to collect and send messages all time so when agents are available they can collect the messages from customers and reach back to them. 


I was able to find this similar idea here.


That should allow you to set specific office hours at the inbox level for your team, ensuring your chatbots won’t be forwarding live chats to agents who have gone home for the day:

  1. Display chatbots based on team availability (always on, only on during business hours, or based on the availability status of team members)
  2. Use if/then branches to route visitors based on team availability

For more details on how to use these new capabilities, please click here


I hope this information helps.



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