Customize Ticket Properties based on Pipeline

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We work with several different pipelines of HubSpot service tickets.  We would like to set the default for displayed ticket properties based on the pipeline we're working with.  For instance, we want to see our custom "Serial Number" field in our RMA pipeline, but we don't need to see that field on the ticket for our "Enhancement Request" pipeline.

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 Excellent suggestions. You may wish to add them to a new or existing thread in HubSpot Ideas.


You'll typically get much more traction from the HubSpot Community AND the Ideas Forum is where HubSpot Product Teams monitor suggestions for popularity -- i.e., VOTES! Smiley Happy


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I have the same problem. It is quite surprising that hubspot provides a way to separate the tickets with pipeline, but they don't provide a way to distinguish the tickets.


What's the point to put identical tickets into different pipelines?


I am going to have 5 pipelines and I can foresee the tickets will have at least 10 irrevelant properties when I finish adding the properties to the same pool.


I feel that the pipeline feature is just halfly done only.

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We have several very different pipelines, and each have different properties that are relevant.

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We also need this. We love ticketing functionality but need different default properties for different pipelines. The pipelines serve very different purposes.