Customers are complaining that they aren't receiving chat responses via email

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Some of my customers are complaining that they aren't receiving some of my chat responses via email, meaning that if they write me, and then they walk away, or I see their chat some hours later, then I respond, they aren't notified via email.


Is there any way to turn this on or fix it?



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Hi @smbfission 


I don't remember if the chat sends emails / notifications, but I forward 2 alert points anyway:


1) Are all contacts that enter your chat, already leads from you? Is everyone properly registered with the CRM?

Example: if I enter your website, open the chat and I'm not a contact of yours, how could I receive emails without having informed you what my email is?


2) Some may enter the chat through different computers, other people's cell phones, etc., which may mean that even though you are a lead, you may be a "stranger" in the chat, since you have not been identified.


I don't know if the above cases are your problem, but I send them just to help.


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