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Customer portal > ticket details view > description field not shown

Hello, I've just setup customer postal. It's basic, but allowed be to use the solution instead of being imposed Helpscout by some of my customers 😎

However my customer grows frustrated because the portal is now too basic for our usage.

For example I do not manage to display properties such as ticket description or ticket type (change request vs bug vs ...) in the ticket detail view, even though the property is filled in in the ticket object. 😮

I did not find any option in the customer portal configuration to just add this field, it's only about colour... 

So I tried to modify the template (creating a child template of customer portal in the design tool, then create a child TicketThread.module to add the property... but my modification do not show...

If I do not manage to add this feature, my customer will impose me to use helpscout, and I will thus stop using Service hub PRO. that would be a sham because i love the integration. 

Do you have any idea how to help?

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Key Advisor | Diamond Partner
Key Advisor | Diamond Partner

Customer portal > ticket details view > description field not shown

@JeromeBourreau  I don't believe this function is possible at this time.