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Cross-Device Chat Sessions



We've received some feedback from clients after our migration to HubSpot and thought I'd share to see if there is anything we can do to remedy the situation, or if this could be added to an enhancement request list somewhere if not.


The client uses multiple devices to communicate with support staff and on multiple occasions saw that the conversation history is not shared across devices.


There is another major con which is basically a by-product of missing conversation history.


When the client has chatted with multiple support staff members, and wants to refer to the old chat to continue their conversation with the new staff, the chat is missing if they are talking to the person from a new device.


So they need the old PC/device they chatted from also in order to continue.


Thank you for your time!


Have a great day!



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Cross-Device Chat Sessions

Hey @JPitcher, unfortunately, I haven't been able to solve this with HubSpot and instead instruct support members to look to previous conversations history to continue chats.

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Cross-Device Chat Sessions

Thank you for your post @JPitcher .


@tjoyce and @Bryantworks > I'm wondering if you could weigh in here. Did you come across such scenario or a possible solution?