Conversations screen error "Something went wrong"

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While on the Conversations screen (not even doing anything) we constantly get this pop-up:


Something went wrong.
Please try again. If it keeps happening, let us know.


More than often it appears when I click the "Filtered" inbox, but it does appear anywhere on that page while not doing anything.


Pop-up says "let us know" but that link doesn't really go anywhere except here to the community forum and some unrelated FAQ...


We've had this for many months, since we started using HubSpot, really.


Hope for a fix.

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Hi @Kenrr,


Can you please share a video of what you are experiencing, as well as a har file?



1. Is this happening for all users?

2. Does this happen across multiple browsers (if so, which ones)

3. Does this happen across multiple internet networks


The more information, screenshots and details you can provide the better the Community can assist.


Thank you,

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Well this is pretty crazy, but for the first time since using the service I'm not seeing the error anymore. I'll for sure record the event if and when it occurs again. Thanks for responding!