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Hi guys,


I have a Hubsport form sending an email to The address is a channel in conversations. 


The thing is forms in Hubspot send notification from address and it seems that this address is always filtered by default. 


In my settings, all "Filtering" rules are set to off and I whitelisted as wall as


But according to this page: it seems impossible to whitelist


Do you guys have a solution in mind? Is there a way to change the from address of the forms?



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Hi @avezina,


Do you have access to workflows? If so, you can create custom follow up emails after form submissions and have them sent to a specific email address.


Otherwise, I think your feedback in regards to wanting to be able to unfilter would be best shared in the ideas forum.

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Thanks for the reply @jetta


Sadly I don't have access to automation. I think I will have to settle with removing forms from inbox.


Thanks again, I will go take a look at the ideas forum

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This is a very poor feature.  I totally support your case! We have exactly the same problem.  (I put the word suc*s - like a vacuum cleaner - but it was deemed inappropriate.  Sorry for any offence caused.) 


I escalated this issue with support and after a bit of a debate, they stated that it is not possible to whitelist Period.


Quote: Specifically, in certain set-ups where the shared inbox email is the same as the connected account email - it will create an unending cycle of emails where each incoming email will trigger a notification email from which will then arrive in the inbox and so on. (This is a problem most email tools solved at the beginning of this century to prevent one "out-of-office" message continuously replying to another.)


We've resorted to asking everyone who uses the Inbox conversation tool to keep an eye on the "filtered" list and then manually "un-spam" the messages.  Fortunately, you can disassociate the message with noreply@hubspot and reassociate it with the correct contact. 


But it's this bit that really frustrates me: If the contact who posted the message on the form gets added to HubSpot automatically (because it is a successful form-submission), why does HubSpot blacklist that form-submission message?


Aargh... Sorry for the rant Smiley Tongue



I don't believe we're alone in wanting a HubSpot Form on our HubSpot website to send a HubSpot message to our HubSpot conversation tool, and NOT have the message blocked as spam by HubSpot!!  


Ok, I've finished now. Smiley Happy