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Chats are currently delayed

Hello Team,
There is some trouble I'm facing after reconnecting the organization's mail on Hubspot.
1. The emails are being automatically created on Hubspot: I wanted to make a contact but it was already created and no one from our organization did that. Previously it doesn't used to happen.

2. Chats are currently delayed for some customers: The mails that we are sending are sent to customers 2-3 hours later on and the customers are receiving it very late.
3. The tickets assigned to other users is also being seen by different members too. This is creating bulk emails in one's section.

Please look after the matter and tell us how we can resolve it.
We are using free plan of Hubspot using Office 365.

Thanks and Regards,
Rishiraj Chauhan

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Chats are currently delayed

Hi @rchauhan3,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community!


Just to confirm, have you connected your email to the Conversations inbox in HubSpot? If yes, the behavior that you described in your first question is expected. HubSpot automatically creates a new contact record for every new email address in an incoming email in the Conversations inbox. This cannot be deactivated - if you do not wish to create contacts this way, you'd need to disconnect your email from the Conversations inbox and connect it as a personal email. You can read more about the two different inbox integrations in this Knowledge base article.


To your second question: we haven't had any reports last week about delays in email deliverability, you can check our status & incident report page here. Have the delays been happening consistently for all users in your account? Can you tell us a bit more about how you're sending your emails (from the Conversations tool, directly from the contact record, via the Marketing email tool)? Thank you!


3. If you wish to limit users' access to tickets, I recommend to edit user permissions so they only see the tickets they've been assigned to (under CRM > Object access).



I hope this helps!


Mia, Community Team





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