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Hi there!

Our company has a site that runs on Wordpress and uses the WPML plugin to create an English and Dutch version of our site. 

I have just installed two live chats on our site. The English version has no rules and I added two rules to the Dutch version: browser language and country, to make sure Dutch people get to see the Dutch version. Unfortunately only the English one pops up on our site. 

What am I doing wrong? How can I make sure Dutch people get to see a Dutch version?Schermafbeelding 2020-05-12 om 14.38.31.png

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Hi @SanneCaseNine,


Thanks for reaching out.

Could you make sure the page you are looking at is one of the URLs specified in the chatflow's targeting rules. If you're targeting your chatflows based on visitor information and behavior, could you also make sure the contacts meet the target criteria.


It looks like you have access to HubSpot Technical Support . As troubleshooting this further will involve sharing information specific to your account and specific examples, partnering with them will be the best next step.


Take care!


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