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Chatflow not appearing

Hello, my chatflow is not working, I've followed everything in the troubleshooting article but to no avail. Maybe I have to manually add the tracking code? It says it is not necessary as its already connected through the wordpress plugin...

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Chatflow not appearing


Hi there!


If your HubSpot Chatflow isn't working despite having the WordPress plugin enabled, several issues could be the cause. First, ensure the plugin is activated and your HubSpot account is correctly connected. Verify that the chatflow is configured correctly, published, and targeting the appropriate pages.


JavaScript conflicts might be an issue, so disable other plugins and switch to a default theme to check for conflicts. Clear your browser cache, WordPress caching plugins, and server-side cache to ensure recent changes are reflected. Ensure the HubSpot tracking code and chatflow script are correctly placed, and check for script errors in your browser’s developer console.


Review the visitor targeting rules to ensure they are correctly set. Test the chatflow on different browsers and devices to rule out compatibility issues. Network restrictions like firewalls might also block scripts, so try testing from a different network.


If none of these steps work, contact HubSpot support for further assistance. Systematically addressing these potential issues should help identify and resolve the problem with your HubSpot Chatflow.


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Chatflow not appearing

Hey @S1230 

In this knowledge, you can find ways how you can troubleshoot these issues: 


Let me know if you have any followup questions regarding this!