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I'm a new free user setting up the free chat feature for our website. There's a step on the options tab here regarding "consent to process data" I would like to use this default language provided by hubspot but I'm unclear whether I leave hubspots privacy policy link or change to our privacy policy? It does not say to swap it for our own privacy policy. 


I wonder if I leave it as is if that's ok since I'm not a paid user and hubspot is the platform who's actually collecting the data. Or, maybe that's wrog and I need to swap it out? 


If the answer is to change it to our privacy policy then my hunch is we would need to add some language regarding our use oof hubspot and this feature is that correct? Here is the section of our privacy policy where I'd assume we'd add this but I'm not sure of the language to use I dont know exactly what data is processed for this chat feature? Can someone please propose some general language for this to mention the type of processed data hubspot processes, how its used? so I can add it to our privacy policy if needed. 


Thank you.

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A privacy policy is a statement that explains how a party or company (in this case you) handles customer or client data. This is specific to each company and you need your own one. That you are using a third-party service like HubSpot to handle data is a fact that should find mention in your own statement. For an exact text, you should work with a legal professional (an external data protection officer, a law office etc.).


For a quick and dirty solution, you can also search for "privacy policy generator" but be aware that these tools might not take into account your specific situation and not be 100% correct.


(This post does not constitute legal advice.)


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