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Chatflow Bot availability and office hours

HubSpot Product Team

Hey everyone, we have an update to this,


We've recently opened up a beta to address these issues. You can create bots that truly respect their teams working styles—whether that means creating chatflows that display when their team is online, when their team is away, or conditionally based on specific agent availability. With this beta, you can now:

  1. Show a chatflow based on availability
  2. Use new a if/then branch type called “agent availability”
  3. Handoff bots to agents based on availability


How it works:

1. Showing a chatflow based on availability: Not all of our users want their chatflows live on their site all the time. With this new control, they’ll be able to create chatflows that respect their team’s availability schedule. 


2. New if/then branch type called “agent availability”: When creating or editing a chatflow, users can now route their visitors down different paths based on their agent & team’s availability using the “agent availability” if/then branch type.


3. Bots handoff to agents based on availability: We’ve improved how we handle routing based on availability—taking into account first the team’s general availability settings, and then looking at individual agent availability.  This will result in less chats being missed because of confusion around availability controls.

For example, if you have “During business hours” selected for your team’s inbox availability, and a customer interacts with a bot outside of those business hours, they will not be routed to agents, and instead routed to the “Unassigned” pool in your inbox so that your team doesn’t lose critical conversations.


If you would like early access to the beta, please fill out this form forms.gle/K7cCMUXmFUpVfiKH9

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EDIT: This doesn't work Smiley Sad


Timing for chatflows would be a great addition!


In the meantime, can I suggest installing the chat code with Google Tag Manager? This would enable users to set a Custom Tag Firing Schedule, adding and removing chat from the website on a schedule.


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We've lately started using HubSpot chat bot, and it would be vital for our operations if we could enable the chat bot on specific days and hours.


Is there any way to handle that limitation through coding?


Thank you in advance!

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As I am working through setting up chatbots/live chats for our organization I came across this exact issue. My goal was to have a live chat active during business hours and after business hours or if the live chat was set to "away" have the bot appear so we can still be collecting information when someone is offline. Having the ability to do this hands-free with less manual steps would be ideal. Hopefully, this feature will be available sooner than later. Until then, this post provided some helpful ways to get around this for now.

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i agree with everyone above, ideally we want live chat during the day, and then automatically based on our hours of operations the bot would kick in, I don't think this would be too hard to do, would it? 

HubSpot Employee

Haven't tested this, but I suppose one could have a bot chatflow piggyback on the "execution time" settings of the workflows tool (documented here https://knowledge.hubspot.com/articles/kcs_article/workflows/manage-your-contact-based-workflow-sett... ), as follows:

  1. Create a contact property, let's say a single-line text field named "chat_time"
  2. Create a workflow that only executes during your office hours. The workflow has one action: set the contact property "chat_time" to the value "office hours"
  3. Early on in your bot chatflow, use the action "enroll in workflow" to enroll the contact in your workflow.
  4. Somewhat later in the chatflow, you can use an "if/then" condition on a bot action. You can use the condition "chat_time" is equal to "office hours" as the condition. If YES --> go to agent handover. OTHERWISE --> go to further qualifying bot actions

    (one could then think of some refinements for dealing with repeat interactions, like resetting that chat_time property appropriately via workflow, for example, but this would be the basic solution.)
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One of the 4 main steps of the chatflows is "When" the chat bot should appear... I was hoping to see start & stop options allowing me to cherry pick the weekdays and times. But instead, it was all about which URLs the chat bot should appear on (so wouldn't that be more appropriately called "Where"?)


So one suggestion for the product team is to tie the scheduling to the "When" section. The benefit here is that we don't have to manually remember to toggle off the chat bot with live agent at 5pm and then toggle on the "after hours" chat bot every week day.

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I feel like this is another example of built-in obsolescence. The ability to auto-toggle chatflows, regardless of the type, based on time should be a basic feature. We currently do this with other third-party systems that are pennies on the dollar in comparison to Hubspot.


Additionally, with the expense of Hubspot being so high, things like this and the inability to delete form submissions, or even auto-assign leads when you only have the marketing hub is overally fustrating.


Hubspot is a great product, but I feel like it cuts its users off at the knees in terms of some basic functions and productizing features to force additional package purchases.