ChatFlows have 24-hour format time when booking a meeting


Hi Everyone,


There are no settings in making the Chatflows - Book a Metting into 12-hour format. Can anyone please help me with this? If you are curious as to what chatflows looks like on the front-end when booking a meeting, please see screenshot below:



It would be ideal if they show 12 hour format with AM and PM indicating day and evening instead. 

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Hi @KLegara ,

Ok, so here it goes:

  • There is no direct settings from which you can change your clock format
  • You clock format will depend on the browser location of your user
  • And that too is not available in chatbot settings, but in the meeting link settings

What you need to do is go to sales > meetings > hover over the link your are using for booking meetings > click edit > 

Once your screen is opened, in the left side bar you will see an option scheduling experience click it.

Then scroll down and you will see additional settings and in the last there is an option of date and time format.
You can select the country whose format is of 12 hours rather than use visitor’s browser history  so that you can have your desired result. And then select this meeting link in your chatbot. 


Hope this helps!

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