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Chat bot live chat



I am implementing a chatbot on my website, and basically this chatbot will give the customer the option to either schedule a call or chat with our experts.
I just want to know how the chat works, if we have only 1 person handling the chat, and he's already in a conversation with a customer, will he be identified as occupied and the next customer will be in a queue ?
Is there a way to identify if the user assigned to the chat is online or no ? This way we'll redirect customers to schedule a call for example if no one is online at the time to support.

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Chat bot live chat

Hi @ChrisChiha ,


Thank you for reaching out! 
I'm so glad to hear that you are implementing the live chat feature on your site. Currently, if one person is handling this and they are working on a chat with a customer and another one comes in the additional chat will fall into the 'unassigned chat' area on the left-hand side of the conversations box. They would stay in this queue until the person has wrapped up the current chat and is able to answer this one. If the customer closes out the chat then it will appear in the 'all closed' box which is located under 'More'.

Screen Shot 2022-02-22 at 3.10.10 PM.png

You can turn your chat availability status on/off. Next to your avatar, click Change to away or Change to available.



When you're away, you will still appear available for any open chats that are currently assigned to you, but you'll appear away to new incoming visitors.


Here are a few great resources for implementing chat on to your site: 


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Chat bot live chat

Thanks a lot @JenWeiss for the detailed answer.
If i change my status to "Away", will the new customer still be able to send a chat ? Or the chat won't be available in this case ? 
Because in my scenario, if the internal teams are set as away, i would like the customer to schedule a call (using the Hubspot meeting link)