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Changing the chat head logo

I hope I am posting in the right section.

For the last hour, I have been looking how to change something as simple as the chat head logo, as in the one you get to set when you're creating an inbox. I've searched and searched in the settings, but found nothing. I tried going to the inbox settings, but the only thing I can change as far as visuals are concerned is the color. Tried using live chat and HubBot keeps ending my chat. This is frustrating and I don't know why it's so hard to change it. So, how do you change it?


Thank you


EDIT: I've managed to find the setting just now. Thanks just the same.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Changing the chat head logo

Hi @erino,


I am glad you were able to find the setting. I wanted to share this resource which outlines where the setting is for other users who are looking for this answer.