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Capture email when chat status is away/offline

Hi there,

On our website we are using a chatbot to ask users a few questions to figure out what they are interested in. After responding to those questions we ask for an email then pass along the chat to a member of the inbox.


If the members of an inbox are away or out of nomral hours AND we are using a chat bot, can we capture an email and send this along so that our team members can follow up when they are available again?



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Contributor | Platinum Partner

Capture email when chat status is away/offline

@Envigo Happy to help here! 


I would proceed in this way:
1) Set the bot to appear 24/7
2) Once you have asked all the questions in the bot, use the 'Send to Team Member' action to try to send it to the team. At this stage, if they are all marked as away, or if it is outside of business hours then the bot can show an away message. 


Screenshot 2022-05-10 at 18.04.32.png


I do hope this helps! 



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Capture email when chat status is away/offline

Hey there,

If there are some expert coming on to this I will explain as best as I can so hopefully it makes sense.


We have two chats on our website. One bot and one live chat.


When the live chat is active you can chat with two people and this works well, as you know. When those people are away they you get a message as seen below.  This is wonderful because it allows us to capture people during offline time or when our experts are away and follow up later.


 Moving on to our problem chat.  It is controlled via a bot because we have a few questions we need to ask to route the user to the correct team member. When they are both available the chat works well however if they are away, that is when the problems start. I have been trying to figure out how to check the status of the responders within a chatflow however I argue that if a responder is away or offline the chatflow will never run to begin with. As seen in the screenshot below it won't allow me to type anything:


If there is a way to ask a question or two to understand the needs of the user AND allow for offline/away messages to be left that would be perfect. We are looking for an email to be requested via the bot such that when the responders return they can follow up.  


Everything I am seeing tells me that if a status is away it will supersede any conditions in a chatflow and cause it not to run at all. Our responders are EU based so their timezone is a bit off to begin with.


Thank you,


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Capture email when chat status is away/offline

Hi @Envigo,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community!


I would like to add some experts to our thread.

Hi @Olivia_Bagnall@Kevin-C@warrendavey@StefaniUAT@TrujayJay - Do you have any tips for @Envigo?






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