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Cannot reply to email in mobile app

Trying to reply to an email in the mobile app but can't seem to find it.  I can create a new email but not reply? Maybe I'm missing it but any help would be great!

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Recognized Expert | Partner
Recognized Expert | Partner

Cannot reply to email in mobile app

Hey @KHaskin, thanks for sharing! This is a huge bummer, but you actually aren't currently able to reply to emails from the HubSpot mobile app.


However, you're not the only person asking for this functionality! Here's the HubSpot Ideas request to add reply and forwarding capabilities — it looks like it is currently in Planning, so it's at least on HubSpot's radar! I encourage you to upvote the post and comment your use case. If HubSpot sees that more people are interested in this feature, they'll hopefully make it a reality!


Sorry that I can't be of more assistance!

Jacob Olle

Marketing Operations Manager

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