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We'd need better understanding about our tickets. I haven't found any reports which tells me how long tickets have been at certain phase of ticket pipeline/status. Now we have an understanding what is time when ticket is open and when it is closed but we need to see which time (day&time) ticket was moved to the next status so we could understand better how long tickets are in which status...


Basicly I'd like to get same understanding that I have from deals report "Time in Deal Stage".


Any idea how to solve this?

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Hi @mcpaha,


If you would like to see more in depth reporting for tickets, I would recommend upvoting this idea on the ideas forum. 


@PeterC@wchouwmx@warrendavey do you have any suggestions for how to work with the ticket data that is available now? 


Thank you,


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Thanks @jennysowyrda !


So I have been playing with a solution that can provide a number-of-days something has been in a stage. Professional and Enterprise only and only provides a number of days, not a time stamp. THIS IS STILL IN TESTING.  I will update once I know it works.  But here is what I am trying.


  1. Create a custom Number property - Number of Days in XXXX
  2. Create a workflow that has an enrollment trigger for the stage or status you wish to track
  3. Use the trigger to Increase your new field by 1
  4. Add unenrollment criteria to unenroll if the field has an update
  5. Allow for reenrollment
  6. Activate

I'll let you know if it works for me.  Unfortunately, I can't change dates on tickets with Zapier like you can with deals and contacts.




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Hi @jennysowyrda did this solution work for tracking time in stage for tickets?

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@mcpaha The reason you can't find any reports which tell you anything useful about tickets is that they don't exist.  The reports can't exist because there are no functions for recording "time" on tickets.  


There may be future work done to record what time a ticket enters/leaves a particular state, but that won't tell you what happens on a specific day, or within a specific month.


"Time" on tickets is something the HubSpot team don't seem to understand.  Their support teams do not record how much time they spend supporting customers (I find that difficult to believe - but that's what I'm told).  Their development is (in my opinion) driven by their own requirements - not those of customers like us.  They have an integration with Clockify - but it's an external application, so you still can't get the HubSpot reports you need without some 3rd party development work.


"We are moving all 'ticketing' into the conversations Inbox" - quote from HubSpot support - not me.  Unfortunately, the Inbox has too many shortcomings, and for this reason, I'm not investing any more time on Service Hub. 


Sorry to be so negative, but I have trying (and failing) to justify why "time" is important since Service Hub was released.  Every time I raise it with tech' support, it gets the "log an idea on the ideas forum" treatment.


I hope you find a solution - and that you post it here.  I can't wait to be proved wrong and find that I've missed some critical step that solves this issue!

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I agree with you that developing this kind of things is really slow... 


But what I don't believe that that there is no function for recording times. F.e. if I am watching tickets API - in there it says that there is status with milliseconds. Next thing I am trying to find that can I attach stage and timestamp together.


Like I said, this is almost most important thing to know with tickets...

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I think the bigger question is "why should you have to resort to software development?"


It's costly, time-consuming, and the function should be part of the base product. 


Perhaps I should have qualified my statement about "there are no functions for recording time" by adding "in the user interface."