Best practices for creating a trouble ticket management system

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We're new to Hubspot as an organization and I'm looking for best practice initial configuration advice.

Currently, we have three email address in our company that receive information requests, service requests and support.  Multiple employees work through these inboxes to resolve customer issues and work out tickets. I am attempting to incorporate Hubspot into this configuration. This is my initial thought process. I've created a mailbox called and I have assigned access to all three of our working inboxes that we currently work from. I am envisioning setting up the hubspot account within the crm to pull incoming email from all three inboxes to organize and assign trouble tickets to our staff. Am I envisioning this correctly, or do I need to simply use hubspot plug-ins to go directly from the Hubspot platform to the individual inboxes? If this is the case, I have a problem. Two of the inboxes are virtual, for lack of a better word. Essentially, they were created within our exchange / office 365 environment and do not have specific credentials to grant hubspot access directly. This is why I am attempting to create the account so I can manage permissions within the mail server. Once I pass this hurdle, I think I'm good to go.

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Hi @EdThayer,


Welcome to HubSpot! Have you connected with your account manager at HubSpot regarding this set up? I would recommend connecting with them, as they will be able to chat through the pros and cons and technical limitations of HubSpot with you. 


I will direct message you your HubSpot contact's email address. 


Thank you,

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