Automatically linking emails to Tickets

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A common practice for Help Desk software is to be able to use your prefered email editor to communicate with customers - but the email is BCC'd to the Help Desk software so a complete log of activity is maintained.


The process has many advantages - including working from any device (mobile, laptop, desktop etc).  The key is keeping the Ticket ID in the subject line and the help desk software takes care of the rest.


While emails to customers are automatically tracked by HubSpot, there doesn't appear to be a method for automatically linking an email with a ticket. 


Has anyone figured out a process to make this work in HubSpot?

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Hi Peter,


I believe HubSpot has a feature that should help with your use case!


If you connect a Shared Email Address ot the Conversations Inbox and set up Ticket Rules, emails sent to that Shared Inbox will create a Message Thread along with an associated Ticket. Then all emails in that chain will log to the Ticket.


Here's documentation on how to get this set up -


Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the reply @viddychang 


Unfortunately it misses the bit about using your preferred email editor, and sending email from your own account.

We've looked at the features you mention, and they are good, but the "Inbox" tool is fairly universally disliked by our users, and they quickly revert to using personal email.  The "Inbox" only really works on a laptop/desktop browser (we get complaints about the formatting), the tablet/phone experience is poor, and there's no way to add signatures when replying from the "Inbox" unless you remember to use a snippet.    


Unfortunately, once support queries get locked into personal email, no one else knows what's going on and they quickly becomes untraceable. Unrecorded = unreported, and then billing's get missed. 


Maybe the answer would be to have HubSpot's workflow tools support functions like: "If email subject contains xxx then append to ticket xxx".