Automatically create Contact using Ticket-based workflow

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I have setup inbox for our support team. The idea is to have all emails sent to this inbox, automatically get converted into tickets. However, the "sender" is a generic email address, thus cannot be used as a Contact. 


Is there a way to extract the email address value out from the ticket body, and use this address to search for the Contact?


if not found, create a new Contact? Is this possible or if there's any workaround (maybe simpler?) approach, please let me know too.



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Hi @alvinlzg,


There are a few settings that I think will help you with what you are looking to set up.


You can have tickets created for all incoming emails in the conversations inbox by following the steps here.


If you are looking to collect email addresses, I would recommend using a form (the support form or another form) to collect email addresses. 


Thank you,




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Hi @jennysowyrda ,

Incoming email as conversation, already done. The email address collection might not work because the sender is a generic email. It's generated from a non-HS form. 


Ideally, the form should be a non-HS form with tracking or even a HS form itself. However, the form is outside my control. I'm not allowed to modify anything. All I have is the email generated from the form and the mailbox which has been setup as a HS inbox.