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How can we automate emails from our Service Hub and keep the customer responses within the ticket thread? Currently, if we send an automated email from our ticket automation workflow if the customer responds it will open up a new ticket instead of adding it to the already open ticket.


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Hi @jordan_bolt 


Is the Reply email address a Marketing Email Address? Or, is it a Conversations Email address?


If your reply email address is set to an address in your Conversations Inbox it will default to the Support Team.


Is that what you want?




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Hi Jordon,


I'm sorry to report that in cases when you utilize the Conversations inbox connected email reply-to address, this will still cause new tickets to be created because replies to marketing emails do not thread. They instead are received in HubSpot as completely new emails. Therefore, this will create new duplicate tickets for each "reply" to the automated email. 


Thank you for offering up this suggestion though! 





We're new to HubSpot so still getting things set up. Yesterday I used a workflow to automate the chase/close of tickets left in the status 'Waiting on Customer'. This seems to work fine, but I noticed today that when people are replying to the chaser, it's creatign a new ticket.


Is there any way around this? You mention "in cases when you utilize the Conversations inbox connected email reply-to address", but is there an alternative to doing it that way?




Would love for this to get a second look! @rhewett 


For our use-case, many of our enterprise customers have third-party companies that actually manage their tickets on their behalf and ticket volumes are much higher as they account for global teams and usage of our services. For these enterprise customers, and as nauseous as it makes me, this means that most of the emails we are sending using HS Workflows are actually being sent to distribution lists going to who knows how many people.


For these cases, it would be truly wonderful to be able to thread emails being triggered from ticket pipeline stages to update those users (or distribution lists) with ticket updates while making it incredibly easy for our end-users to keep things straight. While this may seem fringe or like a nice-to-have feature, as soon as a user has multiple tickets opened, things immediately get confusing - no matter how clear and thorough we make our emails. Additionally, I think the use of DLs is incredibly common (I know it is with our enterprise customers) and every time we get feedback about improving our service delivery, this is what they keep asking us for. 


I like to call service-related workflow emails "Milestone Emails" and while I can understand why HubSpot maybe doesn't want to allow this for things like marketing emails - for such 'Milestone Emails,' if we were able to thread the updates, without even trying things become much more clear to our end-users. 

Right now it feels like we're placing the burden on the recipient to connect the dots about which ticket emails are referencing...  I hope that we can change that!


Hello! Have a few customers that need to work through this as well in addition to being able to manage what the subject line appears as like in this post: linked here if we could combine these features it would be ideal. 

Being able to manage an inbox froma distro list so that all the individual users can contribute, while also automating how subject lines appear (including Ticket ID/customer name/other personalization tokens) would be ideal.

Customers still managing from their inidividual outlook/office365/gmail/etc. should be able to respond to these with an adjusted subject line and keep the same Message ID + Ticket ID within HubSpot.