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Automate linking a ticket to a conversation

Because of specific limitations with the Form API, I need to create a ticket then automatically create a conversation with that contact and link that conversation to the ticket. How can I achieve this?


I tried to create a ticket and then automate an external email to the client based on the ticket trigger, but that doesn't count or show up as a conversation.


Can I automate creating a conversation, and link that said conversation to a specific ticket through automation?

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Guide | Diamond Partner

Automate linking a ticket to a conversation

Hi @ELichon ,

You can create workflows on the basis of 'Conversations' but cannot create 'converstaions' on teh basis of other triggers because tere is not 'Conversation' action avaibale in workflows. You can send marketing emails thought. Check out the below screen shot , I have used the trigger 'Form submission', created a ticket record, now next, no action availbe to create 'conversation:


Hope this helps!

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