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Associating latest conversational reply from ticket requester as a property in ticket workflow

Our support team uses the HubSpot ServiceHub integration for sending workflow notifications directly to a shared mailbox anytime there's an update to a support ticket from our clients.

Some examples: when a new ticket is received, customer has replied, and ticket is closed. This helps our team not only determine the severity of a reported issue, but also organize who the tickets are assigned to.


In the workflow tool, we would like to see the ability to send the latest message received by the ticket requester in the conversation attached to the ticket included in the existing email workflow, as a "property to include with message", this way, our Support team could get this instant visibility right away, instead of having to view the conversation/ticket in HubSpot directly.


Currently, only ticket activity properties can be included in the notification. 

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Associating latest conversational reply from ticket requester as a property in ticket workflow

Hi @FileWaveOps, I hope that you are well!

Great question, thanks for asking the Community!

Just to make sure that I understand, when you mention "send the latest message", is that an email associated to a ticket record that you'd like to have stored in a property (via workflow)?

The end goal here is to see the conversation email from your personal inbox and not to have to log into HubSpot, right?
In HubSpot, the email that you'd like to have in a property is received in the shared conversations inbox, right?

It seems from this post "Pull Specific Info From "Conversations" Email" that you can do this via API.

I also wanted to invite a couple of subject matter experts to this conversation: Hi @LouiseHare, @Jnix284 and @MandyDROS do you have suggestions to help @FileWaveOps, please?

If anybody else has anything to add and/or share, please feel free to join in the conversation 🙂

Thank you very much and have a lovely day!


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