Associate a Ticket with a Contact from a specific Contact List

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We have many contacts, divided into prospects and customers. We often use tickets to interact with them. When you create a ticket, the last step you need to take is associating it with a contact.  It would be really useful to be able to filter the contacts by which lists they are in. My use case requires me to focus mainly on my customers and this would help me find the right contact quicker. I would love to see this functionality incorporated into the system. 


Note: I am a HubSpot Customer Support Agent making this post on behalf of my customer: Juliette Tessier from

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Hello @Dtombacco 


You are able to filter their contacts based on their list membership, this can be done by creating a filtered view by going to contacts > contacts > add filter > list membership.


If they are referring to be able to do that in the tickets filters, this won't be possible since it's a contact related to lists. 

I would highly recommend you to please post this idea at our ideas forum (here).

Our product team, who monitors the forum regularly, can read your specific use case and understand why this would be a useful functionality or change. It also helps other customers facing the same issue to advocate for its implementation on your behalf by upvoting on the thread as well.




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