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Assign conversation to user who received the email


We just migrated our support system from Freshdesk to HubSpot.


In freshdesk we managed to add emails to our inboxes and if a user receive an email, it would automatically assign the ownership to him.


In HubSpot it is a bit different, you connect team emails to your inboxes and we are strugling on how to automatically assign the users.


Here is an example:

We have a support inbox for the financial department, there are 3 employees on it and all of them have their personal emails.

I would like to create a configuration that every e-mail each one received would automatically go to the financial inbox and assign the ownership to the user who received the e-mail.

Also, everyone would only response in one email, like 


We tried to set every personal e-mail as a team email on the inbox, but that is not possible since it conflicts with the personal e-mail configuration.


Right now we set the  as the team email and foward every personal e-mail to the fallback email of the inbox, but we can't automatically assign the ownership to the user who received in that way.


There are any suggestions?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Assign conversation to user who received the email

Hi @alunardi 


Thank you for reaching out


With a paid Service or Sales Hub seat, you could set up automatic routing rules

- for inbound emails it'll be randomly between the users of the team if you choose specific users and teams 

- A solution could be maybe to choose contact owner, if that's the set up you have? In that case, the contact owner of the contact who sent the email will be automatically assigned? 


Other than that, I cannot think of another solution - want to tag some of our experts here in case they came across this before - @Josh @Mike_Eastwood @Olivia_Bagnall can you think of anything regarding this for @alunardi ?


Thank you!



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