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All inbound emails from a contact are attached to their ticket(s)


We often have multiple projects/tickets for a single contact or company.  We're training on Service Hub tickets now and we don't understand how email replies (logged via Office 365 integration) are attached to the ticket(s).


We've seen some random inbound emails get attached to the ticket.  For example, an email sent from the contact to a different HubSpot user, who is NOT the ticket owner.


We'd like to know how email replies from contacts are linked to tickets.  Before starting with Service Hub, we expected that the ticket number would need to be in the subject or body of the email message.  That doesn't seem to be the case, but it's unclear how that works.


This threw me off at first too.  From what I've been able to figure out, all of the correspondence is logged under the Contact.  For that correspondence to be associated with the service ticket, you need to go to the contact, find the email thread, click "edit", and "Add Ticket".  This will allow you to choose from all tickets that are associated with this contact and company.

That might work for a service hub user, but the additional emails getting logged under the ticket are not from the service team and have nothing to do with the ticket. It seems that all inbound (or outbound via Outlook) messages are linked to a recent ticket. That's a bug.
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I saw this as well and voiced our concerns of seeing ALL correspondence from the contact on a Ticket to our Onboarding rep.  While this may make sense to see all correspondence on a Deal, it absolutely does NOT make sense on a Ticket.  You should only see the correspondence between the Service Reps and the Contact linked to that Ticket.  

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We've noticed the same issue and it's sort of a deal breaker for us to adopt service hub until it's fixed. 

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A lot of work has to be put forth in order to have this service hub to a little more user-friendly.   Choosing the ticket number format would be a nice addition as well.


Moreover, the fact that you need to have marketing access to create a support email ticket confirmation from the service hub is a big no-no.  Why is it necessary to involve marketing rights to someone managing the service part?