Adding Ticket Number & Custom Field to Ticket Reply Email Subject Line


I'm looking to see if there is some way to add fields to the Subject Line when one of my reps respond to a new ticket.

Other systems we have worked with have this functionality and it greatly helps our customers track open tickets.


Is there any way to hard code it in when someone replies instead of relying on the rep to manually insert these fields?

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This has been posted to the community before:

I've been told that the best chance of getting this extremely important and basic feature added is to have people up vote this on the forum.  As unsatisfying as that response is, please upvote the linked topic.


Thanks, Tiphaine! I'll add it to the Forum.




Community Manager

Hi @RCandianoSUW 


Thank you for reaching out.


I had a look and this is not possible at this stage with HubSpot. You could use a personnalized Snippet in the body of the email with those properties, but not in the email subject field.


However, I could see it could be useful for you and other users and I'd recommend posting an Idea in our Ideas Forum regarding this. That way other users can upvote it; and the Product Team regularly monitors the Forum - I couldn't find a similar idea for this. 


Thank you



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