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Accurate report for first response time

We are using the report "Ticket average time to first response by rep". 

Most of our tickets are created via email, some are via a chat.

I have realised that those created via chat do not count a "response" as I expected.


  1. A ticket is created via chat
  2. an agent responds to it by creating an email reply

On the report this email on 2. is not classed as a response as it is not replying to an email. Hubspot support told me that "the initial outgoing email from your rep, is not counted towards the Time to first agent reply field." The first reply is only counted when the client replies and the agent replies to that.

Why?? This makes no sense, there is no other way to respond initially. It totally skews our reporting.

Is there a way for me to create an accurate report that includes the first email sent to a chat ticket as a response?



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Accurate report for first response time

Hello @KAbram,


I 100% agree and it is something that has caused us to have missed SLAs even knowing we did reply within our SLAs.


Hopefully, this can be changed by HubSpot in the future.