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A more intelligent and customizable chatbot

I've had the Hubspot chatbot going for a few months and I've noticed a trend. When users engage the chatbot, 70-80% of them will just blurt the issue they're having without actually reading the prompts/questions of the chatbot.


This causes frustration because the chatbot simply doesn't understand the user input and repeats the same message over and over again (there should be a failover step). I have a few examples of customers actually yelling at the chatbot, which is mildly funny but more importantly a bad experience.


I've tried to create a chatbot in which the KB lookup is done first, then prompts for further information if the answer is not what the user needed. However, Hubspot's current configuration forces the first step of the chatbot to be user input - name, email, etc. 


We need more flexibility to create a smarter and more customized chatbot.

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A more intelligent and customizable chatbot

Hi @JimyMason 


I agree that the way users interact with bots can be a little tricky to accommodate. 


If you upgrade, you will be able to create bots that start with questions other than name/email. But it can still be challenging to meet user expectations. 

I think the only thing to do is really lean in to the fact that a bot is a scripted, branching conversation, and try to ask questions in a way that sets the right expectations. 



Hope this helps.



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