4 e-mail adress inboxes for 2 responsible teams?

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Dear Community,


The goal is the following:

2 Teams (COM and CARE) want to access seperate inboxes connected to 4 different e-mail adresses:

 - Contact@COM

 - Support@COM

 - Contact@CARE

 - Support@CARE


I already managed to create a new ticket every time someone sends an e-mail to Support@COM. Ideally, I would want the tickets that come in through the four different e-mail inboxes to automatically be assigned to a member of the corresponding team.


How do I do this is the smartest way possible?


1. Do I connect all e-mail adresses as channels into ONE common "Inbox", and create tickets that include a property corresponding to the e-mail that the request was sent to?

2. Or do I create 4 different inboxes and try to to create tickets that automatically get assigned to separate teams?


Thanks for any help.

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Hey @LukasKr!


Thanks for reaching out!


The best way to do this would be to create an inbox for each address you are looking to set up. This way you can easily differentiate between each of them. Here is how you would switch between them and here is how you would connect the new Inboxes.

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Ok, thank you for your reply.


If I set up four different inboxes, is there a way to still overview all inboxes in one place? Can a dashboard be set up that shows each individual inbox in a seprate window such that all new e-mail can be viewed without having to switch between "Inbox-views" in Conversations?


And another question:

How do I then assign the automatically created tickets to the separate teams such that they get assigned to one of the team members automatically?.