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Hey Community, 


My name is Sharon and I’m one of the Community Managers here at HubSpot. 


Our primary goal for the Community is to create a space that provides value for our Community members (that’s you!). We’ve learned from survey results that you often come to the Community to find an answer and that you’re interested in seeing content that is example-based. We’re working on a lot of exciting projects to get these ideas off the ground, and we want to make sure we’re continuing to provide content, and opportunities to create content, for you! 


With that in mind, we’ve created this space specifically for you to share what you want to see from us! 


This week we’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas on what type of content you would like to see in the HubSpot Community? In which format would you prefer? 💡


You can be as specific as “I want to see a video on how to import contacts” or as general as “I’d love to see user-created content showing examples of how customers in my industry use workflows” … there’s no wrong answer! 


Looking forward to hearing your ideas!


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I'd love to see how companies in my industry or at least with my business model (SaaS subscription) deal with recurring deals / upselling new products or plans.

I'm also very curious to see examples of how different companies enforce data cleanliness throughout the Sales process (or even after).

Finally, I'd love to see some examples of how other companies in my industry recognise and assign Lead Source to their different deals (what would be their best practices for New Business or Expansion / Existing Business)

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We would love to hear from you!




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Did you know that the Community is available in other languages?
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I would be interested in learning about unique integrations and implementations. If it's for the newsletter, then having a technical case study or something along those  lines would be cool. Also, results from a survey of the community could be good (what's their job/business focus, what parts of HS do they use most, what industry are they in, whether they have attended an Inbound conference, why they joined the community, etc.).  Even a human interest story about two or three active members - to put a "face" to the experts.

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