Feedback Friday: New ways of connecting with other Community members

Community Manager

Happy Friday everyone!


My name is Jess and I’m a Community Manager here at HubSpot.

Today, I want to present the next Feedback Friday post to you.


In the past, we’ve asked you about your motivation to visit the Community and apart from finding answers and workarounds a lot of you find motivation in connecting with other peers. You seem to specifically want to connect with other members that have the same marketing/sales/service challenges as yourself.



Here is some good news for you: We started working on some ways to make it easier for you to connect with other members in the same situation. Part of this will be meetups.


The first event is going to be a CS RevOps Meetup which is going to take place on November 18th!!

You can sign up here.


I’m looking forward to sharing more updates with you in the future!


Have a great weekend!


We are excited to announce that the Community will be launching a weekly newsletter on November 2, 2020!
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