Feature Friday: Respond, Upvote and Accept Solutions from your inbox

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Hi Community, 


This week we’re spotlighting a new feature that we’re pretty excited about - the ability to accept solutions, reply and give upvotes right from your inbox. 


How this works: 

You will now see an option at the bottom of all notification emails from the Community that give you these three options. 




Accepting solutions and giving upvotes

If you click “accept as solution” and “give kudos” (also known as upvotes) your action will go through and you’ll be directed to the Community thread.



If you want to reply, you can click reply and a message will open in your inbox. You’ll type your message into the email, click send and your response will be tagged onto the ongoing conversation within the Community. You will still receive email notifications for this thread and your content will be marked to the time you sent the email. 


Have any questions or feedback? Let us know!

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Key Advisor | Elite Partner

Glad this is finally a thing, got tired of using a macro to remind people to accept a solution so it can be found easier. Better late than never I suppose. 

Connor Slivensky
HubSpot Implementation Specialist

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