April's Top Ideas and Buzzy Betas

HubSpot Product Team

Hi folks!

Here are last month's Top Ideas, and some betas we're excited about.

Top Ideas

  1. New Condensed Contact View Isn’t Working (38 Upvotes)
  2. More Chat Widget Functions (27 Upvotes)
  3. New UI is Not Accessible (23 Upvotes)
  4. Allow Reporting Based on Hourly Breakdown for live chats (14 Upvotes)
  5. Customer Name Mandatory for Chat (14 Upvotes)

Buzzy Betas

  1. Customized “Deal Cards” in Deals Dashboard (1,204 Upvotes)
  2. Customize Quote Template/Appearance (687 Upvotes)
  3. Custom Object Lists (73 Upvotes)

Thread Statuses:

10 threads were marked "Delivered" 

8 threads were marked "In Beta" 

1 thread was marked "In Planning" 

9 threads were marked "Being Reviewed" 

5 threads were marked "Not Currently Planned"


See you next month!


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Love this format, please keep it up! Thanks for sharing @JoeMayall!

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