The road to Hugo

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Thanks for featuring Hugo this month @PamCotton. I'm Darren, one of Hugo's two co-founders and it's great to meet everyone. With so many others in this community on their startup journey, I wanted to share more about our journey in building and growing Hugo and our early days working with Hubspot.


Hugo is the meeting productivity hub for teams. Today we power more than 30,000 teams, many of which use Hugo to prepare, take notes and manage actions from meetings alongside Hubspot CRM (and 20+ other business apps).


We actually started Hugo solving a related but different problem.


As an ex-attorney I was always frustrated with meetings. It confused me how often a group of people would block out valuable time from their day, sit in a room, have conversation and walk away hours later with little agreed, not much actioned and for any value generated to dissipate right after the meeting. 


My co-founder Josh was in a similar position as a Product Manager. Actions typically slipped between the cracks, and subsequent meetings were spent following up prior meetings' actions and trying to recall what was discussed.


We founded Hugo with a mission to connect the way we meet to the way we work. And, we thought the secret was in meeting preparation so we built a mobile app that focused on enabling meeting preparation.


But, after acquiring our first users and Josh and I spent our days out of the office talking to customers, partners and investors we started to run into challenges. Our days were full of meetings, but the rest of the team – our engineers, designers and marketers were disconnected from what we were hearing. Our meetings were only valuable to us.


So we built a hack. Using our existing app, we'd get a Slack notification for each meeting in our calendar asking us what was discussed and those quick notes would be shared with the rest of the team – as if everyone was in the meeting with us.


But, our engineering team was using Trello for their work, and we were using Hubspot as our CRM. So using their APIs we built integrations that would sync actions to Trello and activities to Hubspot so the rest of our stack would be up to date.


And, like magic, our entire organization was connected. Meetings became a source of alignment. All of our meeting insights were centralized, accessible, and organized. The team were across the takeaways and all of our tools were connected and up to date. Nothing was lost.


So we pivoted Hugo to the meeting productivity hub it is today. And, the rest was history.


You can sign up free to Hugo, here.


Check it out and let me know what you think!

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The road to Hugo

Thank you @darrenchait for being our Startup of the month! Can't wait for the next following posts. 




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The road to Hugo

Much thanks to you @darrenchait for being our Startup of the month! Can hardly wait for the following after posts. I'm extremely happy that  you share this subject with us.