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👏 Thank you Hugo , Startup Spotlight for the month of September




Hello Community,


I would like to thank the Startup of the month, Hugo!



Hugo is one place for meetings, notes, and tasks. Your meetings and notes are connected with the people and tools in your organization.
Teams like Spotify, Netflix, and Adobe use Hugo every day to collaborate on agendas and meeting notes in real-time. @mention teammates. Create tasks in Asana. See the discussion in Slack, replay meeting recordings from Zoom, and sync to Hubspot — directly from your meeting note.
We do this using integrations with Hubspot and 20+ of the other most-used apps. Because your meeting notes are tied to your calendar, you can easily search them by contact, organization, or tag.
The result is that collaboration becomes easy.
Below you will find their posts made in September :
  1. The road to Hugo 
  2. 🌟‌Startup Spotlight of September: Hugo 

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Thank you!!




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