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Hello Community!!!


After a successful launch in our Portuguese Community, we are so excited to bring this board to our English Community!


Do you want to be the "spotlight" Startup of the month in our Community?



Can you tell me more about it?

Of course! Being the Startup Spotlight provides the opportunity to "take the stage" and introduce your Startup in an open channel (Our Community). The Startup board will be owned by your Startup for a month.


If I am the Startup of the month, what do I do?

If your startup is the spotlight of the month,  you will be required to:

  1. Create 4 posts per month on personalized topics for you that will be decided in an exclusive meeting with our Community team.
  2. Share our tracked link provided by HubSpot on your social media 
  3. Be responsible for the Startup board during the spotlight month and have one specific DRI for the posts 
  4. Be part of our HubSpot for Startup program 
  5. Engage with users in any questions they may have in your post


What is included by being the Startup Spotlight?

Some of the options that we can offer as the spotlight of the month in our Community:


  1. An Exclusive Banner in the Community
  2. Posts available on the main Community page
  3. Pinned posts within the Startup section of "spotlight" month
  4. Align a customized market plan for you in the Community
  5. Co-Marketing for your Startup
  6. Much More +



  1. Be a Startup
  2. Be enrolled in our Startup for HubSpot program

If you're interested in learning more about the HubSpot for Startups program, be sure to check out this resource here.


Interested in being Spotlight? Don't forget to leave your comment below!




Pam Cotton

Você sabia que a Comunidade está disponível em outros idiomas?
Participe de conversas regionais, alterando suas configurações de idioma !

Did you know that the Community is available in other languages?
Join regional conversations by changing your language settings !

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Hello @PamCotton,


Thank you for introducing this amazing opportunity to the community. I would love to participate in the program may I know what are the requirements and how to start?



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