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Social Media Content Calendar Template for Startups

Looking to improve your social media game?


Download this template now to make your social (media) life a whole lot easier.


There are so many social media platforms out there these days and it's tough to know which to prioritize. How do you make sure you are putting up the right content at the right time and at the right intervals? Well, this template (and user guide!) is here to make it much easier.

With a super easy-to-use template built directly into excel you can plan your social media weeks or months in advance across four social media platforms: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The template will help you track your posting schedule, content repository, and posting history.




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Social Media Content Calendar Template for Startups

Hello! I just stumbled on this tool ( as our marketing team wanted something just like this to start visually planning various social media posts without them being as as definitive as the the social calendar (


I downloaded the template but I see it needs Excel so it can them upload that data back into HubSpot. We are a Google shop so we use Sheets, but doesn't look like this would work for us correct? I know we could export the Sheet as an XLS, but assuming it needs the macros or calculations of a true XLS file for this to be uploaded into our account.

So my question is two-fold. Is there a Google Sheets version planned?

And better yet...could this type of functionality be built right into HubSpot so we don't have to use yet another separate program to do this type of planning and then have to import it into our account...have it integrated right in HubSpot so once a social media post/campaign is defined enough to give it a firm date, it would then show up in the Social Inbox calendar.




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