How HubSpot helped Zoi Meet to work more efficiently

Zoi Meet was founded in 2019 and has grown from two founders to a 12 person team since. Before we started using HubSpot, our team used various tools to build up lead lists, update the team on conversations, send emails, track dealflows and more.


We always juggled between various spreadsheets and a dozen different tools. We were a bit “disconnected”, as everyone in our team was more or less operating within their own island of information. Whenever data was shared, it was across different channels and platforms making it extremely difficult to have a clear overview as a whole.

HubSpot to the rescue 👍
Zoi Meet needed an all-in-one platform that could help us with both marketing and sales efforts by providing the necessary tools in one place to capture, track, and share information.

After reviewing several solutions to our problem, and speaking with the team at HubSpot, it was clear that HubSpot was our go-to platform. HubSpot provides us with a full visibility on how a prospect engages with our company and helps us to understand the entire flow from when prospects visit the website, all the way to becoming a paying customer.


With the help of HubSpot’s CRM, we are able to create a clear overview of all our leads, prospects, and customers in one place. We got rid of all of our spreadsheets since. Without a doubt, our communication has improved by 100% since information is shared consistently within the same place.

We absolutely love the HubSpot Gmail extension for tracking our email communication so that everyone is updated on the entire email engagement history. The ease of use of HubSpot in general resulted in a 150% increase of logged emails.


Recently, we also started working on our HubSpot landing pages to track lead interaction and engagement. It’s an extremely powerful tool for us to generate traffic and see where our leads will come from, how well they were being followed up with, and what pages or content triggered sign ups. The visibility HubSpot provides us with will let us know where our revenue is coming from and help us to clearly define our marketing and sales strategy for the years to come.


As our company is on a mission to provide voice-to-workflow automation within enterprises globally, we are excited and happy to have the support of HubSpot to help us grow and scale effectively.


Giving back to the HubSpot community 🚀

Everyday we learn more about the HubSpot platform capabilities and are extremely happy with the amazing team at HubSpot that is always willing to help. In that spirit we want to give back to the HubSpot community and help people with their sales efforts by offering a free solution to improve sales productivity.


We decided on making HubSpot the very first integration to our voice-to-workflow automation solution, Flow by Zoi Meet - our AI-powered solution captures info and automates tasks during online meetings by connecting the Apps you use every day so you can control where data is captured and shared.

We are currently onboarding early adopters to use our solution with new account spots opening up each week. We invite the HubSpot community and everyone else to sign up on our website ( to reserve an account. 


Be one of the first few lucky ones to try out voice-to-workflow automation and hack your sales productivity to a whole new level.

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How HubSpot helped Zoi Meet to work more efficiently

Thanks for sharing this. I am working on a similar solution for a nonprofit that is dedicated to AI to enrich life for adults living with mental health conditions. 


How HubSpot helped Zoi Meet to work more efficiently

Thanks for sharing @KOranje. I'm about to start working for a tech startup and it's great to learn from your journey. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

How HubSpot helped Zoi Meet to work more efficiently

@KOranje Thank you for sharing how HubSpot helped Zoi Meet to work more efficiently!!!



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