Hacking Sales Productivity With Voice-To-Workflow Automation

Sales professionals work in a high-paced environment where every conversation is crucial as each interaction with a lead or prospect is about understanding their needs, building trust,  and discovering new information that can help advance in the sales dealflow.


Over the past years more sales professionals started using automated workflows to hack their sales productivity. Platforms such as Zapier and (and of course HubSpot) offer a customizable approach to automate tedious repetitive tasks so you can focus on work that’s more important. Send out thank you emails, collect lead info in Google Sheets, update information in HubSpot, all tasks you can easily get done without lifting a finger.


But, since communication is so important for sales professionals, how do you automate work that happens during your meetings? Well, the next big thing in workflow automation, is to automate your workflows by using your voice.

What is voice-to-workflow automation? It means you can use your voice to capture info and trigger events that automate repetitive tasks, while you’re having a conversation, and after.


Imagine you’re having a sales meeting on Zoom and you say:

  • To summarize our meeting
    The summary note is captured and pushed directly to HubSpot to update the profile of each contact that is a participant of the meeting.

  • “I’ll ask our CTO to” 
    Your request note is captured and the CTO is notified as it's pushed directly to his Slack channel while you are still in the meeting.

  • “For our next steps”
    Your next steps are captured and added to a draft follow up email waitin in your inbox to follow up directly after your call.

And you just saved 15 minutes of your time on capturing and sharing information - that is the power of voice-to-workflow automation.

Introducing Flow by Zoi Meet

We at Zoi Meet developed the world’s first voice-to-workflow automation platform called  Flow. Our AI-powered solution captures info and automates tasks during online meetings by connecting the Apps you use every day so you can control where data is captured and shared.


We are currently onboarding early adopters to use our solution with new account spots opening up each week. We invite the HubSpot community and everyone else to sign up on our website ( to reserve an account. 


Be one of the first few lucky ones to try out voice-to-workflow automation and hack your sales productivity to a whole new level.

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Hacking Sales Productivity With Voice-To-Workflow Automation

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