Updating and Publishing Social Media Drafts

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HubSpot has a problem with updating and publishing social media drafts. When a post is in draft mode and I try to do something like change the publish date or revise the copy, then press "Update" or "Schedule Message" the post doesn't not update as I wanted and instead defaults back to my original copy and settings.


So then I have to copy and paste into a new post, but then I can't delete the old post because there does not appear to be a "Delete" button.


This needs to be fixed.

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Hi @Joel_Fed  I'm not able to duplicate in my portal. We can troubleshoot through this channel using screenshots, but it might be a better a idea to reach out to our support team through your portal's Support Inbox. 


If you'd like though, please feel free to forward some screenshots and I'll be happy to look further. 


Thank you,


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